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    Rize Waterfalls

    During your visit to Rize, give ear to waterfalls! Waterfalls pouring from high are amongst Rize’s natural wonders. Located in Kaçkar Dağları National Park, Palovit Waterfall is the most abundent of these waterfalls. 

    The Tar Stream has many small waterfalls flowing between Çamlıhemşin and Ayder Plateau. The longest and the most beautiful of these is the Bulut Waterfall. It flows in three times from a height of approximately 250 meters. Ağaran Waterfall, is within the borders of the Ridge Village, 12 kilometers away from Çayeli district. There are tea gardens ornamenting the last three kilometers of the waterfall route. The waterfall, can be seen even from far away, got its name because it falls from a high and steep rock by scattering white foam around it. For the most beautiful photos of Ağaran Waterfall, head off to the small hill across it.

    Raindrops and Birds

    Having the highest precipitation in Türkiye and reflecting characteristics of the Black Sea Region, Rize would show a rainy day to almost every visitor. The pitter-patter and bird calls following the rain are most probably, the most relaxing and soothing sounds in the world. 


    If you prefer to hear enthusiastic sounds, you should head off to one of the festivals held in various districts of the city. The International Bagpipes and Music Festival, Ardeşen Tunca Formulaz Festival, Çamlıhemşin Ayder Festival of Art Culture and Nature, Vartavor Festivities are some of these annual festivals, enjoy local traditional music played with bagpipes and kemencha, and watch authentic traditional folk dance called horon.  

    Traditional Music

    In Rize region, folk songs called “atma” and “karşı beri atma” are specifically important. Both styles are examples of humoristic features of the local people. In daily life, everyone sings improvising, accompanied by kemencha. Hazelnut, tea, corn and tobacco harvests, festivities, collective works are always done with singing.