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  • 10 vibes for Rize

    like locals

    Breakfast is the most impressive meal of the day. Start your day with a good breakfast with various cheeses, butter, Anzer honey, molasses, muhlama (melted cheese and cornmeal), Rize simit and traditional Turkish tea.

    Pokut and Ayder Plateaus offer the purest air to breathe, plateaus and Ayder has beautiful thermal springs. 

    İslampaşa Mosque dating back from the 16th century, historical stone bridges and Rize mansions are an absolute must to explore the traditional architecture.  

    Hunting with hawks is a very old and traditional method of hunting in the region. You may want to assist to one of those ceremonial hunting sessions.  

    Rize tea, Rize cloth, Anzer honey, Hemşin knitted socks and puşi would make perfect gifts or souvenirs.

    Zil Castle, Atatürk House Museum and Natural Life Museum are the most important museums and edifices of the region.

    The sound of raindrops and the sight of granaries and tea plantations would let you discover the traditional living conditions in rural areas.   

    Fırtına Stream offers amazing activities like rafting, hiking, trekking.  

    Taste local delicacies of Rize cuisine to see how climate and geographical conditions shape up eating habits.

    Tea plantations provide a totally different experience when you try to harvest tea by yourself.